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Another 12.7% took place between Caucasian grooms and Chinese brides.Indian grooms and Chinese brides rounded up the top 5 ethnic group combinations at 5.2%[2].Here is why: If race was brought out of the equation and I dated an Indian man, it would be considered “appropriate.” However, when I go out with a white man, I am accused of disingenuity and betraying other Indian men who I should have dated instead.If it was not race, but gender that was the issue and I was an Indian man with a white woman, would I be criticized of the same?To a young Tamil Singaporean woman like me, the concept of racism is nothing new or inconceivable.Nonetheless, it wasn’t until I started going out with my fiancé, who happens to be Caucasian, that I began to see a new side to racial discrimination in Singapore.This begs the question: why is dating within one’s own ethnicity and socio-economic class considered the norm?

When Indian women, who are generally considered to be less desirable in Singapore for aforementioned reasons, date white men, this upsets the racial hierarchy in Singapore which places slim, porcelain-skinned Chinese women at the top of the totem pole and dusky Indian women at the bottom.I wanted to sink into the floor when my teacher in Secondary School declared that she, a Chinese woman, would never date an Indian man.So you can imagine my genuine surprise when I flew to Europe for a university exchange programme and started to be on the receiving end of a fair amount of male attention.Now I always knew that Singaporeans have particular dating preferences, as do people all over the world.I was acutely aware of this growing up, when I was mocked by some of my peers for having dark skin and curly hair.

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  1. Red Flag 4: False Relationship Status Anyone who’s online dating has experienced those who SAY they’re single but really aren’t. If you’re lucky they will tell you once you start chatting, but many aren’t so upfront about it. The red flag is that the person acts more like a “pen pal” than someone who actually wants to meet you in person. They also only talk to you at certain times and it’s rarely in the evening or on the weekend.

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